Contact Information

2365 State Highway 22
Whitney , TX 76692

Phone: (406) 565-0908 (c)

Owner: Ralph Faure, Sr. aka ScrappyDoo

Ralph Faure, Sr. aka ScrappyDoo, is the owner of Scrappy's Computer Repair Shoppe. His background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Network Technology from Montana Tech of the University of Montana (May 2009) and 20 years of experience in the computer repair field. The company was founded with the vision of providing high quality computer repair and Information Technology support from a local source.

USS Enterprise CVN-65
John Rozan - Butte, MT

About Scrappy's Computer Repair Shoppe

Here at Scrappy's Computer Repair Shoppe we strive to bring you the best experience when it comes to repairing your computer.

We offer a variety of computer related services. Below is a list of the services Scrappy's provides. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Computer Repair and Upgrades

Data Recovery & Backup

Fresh installations of Operating Systems (either OS upgrades or new installs)

Web Page Design

Training Classes in:

Microsoft Operating Systems - Windows XP & Windows 7

Microsoft Office - MS Word

Using the internet - Setting up an online email account, Using search engines and using Facebook.

Call us at: (406) 565-0908 (cell phone always on)


Email us at:

We Accept: Cash, Local Checks & 

USS Enterprise CVN-65

Scrappy's Computer Repair Shoppe Wishes To Thank:

John Rozan (Butte, MT) - United States Navy Veteran

A&P Mechanic  1985 - 1989

USS Enterprise CVN-65

86 & 88 WestPac Tours

You served our country with Honor, Thank You!